Re: [HELP] Don't save user name for 802.1x connection

On Wed, 2013-08-21 at 15:51 +0200, Matthias Ellmer wrote:
Hey everyone,

I'm trying to deploy linux to a classroom with 15 laptops that have to 
connect to 802.1x wireless. The students use their university accounts 
as logins. Is it possible to create a connection profile where the 
username is not remembered, similarly to how you can set the 
password-flag to "not-saved"?

This would be very useful because there can't be any expactation of 
persistence between sessions. There is only one guest user account that 
students use, the $HOME of which will be wiped at shutdown, so per-user 
settings won't be an option either. Modifying the config every time 
seems way to cumbersome of an approach.

Ideally I'd imagine something along the lines of:

password-flags=2 # Don't remember
identity-flags=2     # Don't remember

Laptop boots up, sees system-connection, tries to connect and prompts 
for both username and password. Is this scenario currently possible? If 
not, is this something that can be implemented?

At the moment it's not possible, but it's something that could be
implemented using some of the new connection details stuff that's in the
pipe, in combination with some flags like you describe.


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