[HELP] Don't save user name for 802.1x connection

Hey everyone,

I'm trying to deploy linux to a classroom with 15 laptops that have to connect to 802.1x wireless. The students use their university accounts as logins. Is it possible to create a connection profile where the username is not remembered, similarly to how you can set the password-flag to "not-saved"?

This would be very useful because there can't be any expactation of persistence between sessions. There is only one guest user account that students use, the $HOME of which will be wiped at shutdown, so per-user settings won't be an option either. Modifying the config every time seems way to cumbersome of an approach.

Ideally I'd imagine something along the lines of:

password-flags=2 # Don't remember
identity-flags=2     # Don't remember

Laptop boots up, sees system-connection, tries to connect and prompts for both username and password. Is this scenario currently possible? If not, is this something that can be implemented?



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