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Thanks for your answer.

This kind of conf is giving me crayz. I think I will try another way.
Anyway, My problem is the following.

IP_Datas ------------|
IPVoIP  ---------------|


In the switch I plug my only ethernet device of my laptop.
Inside the laptop I have a VM with 2 ethernet cards. I would like to know how to configure the virtual network for accessing both network physically form the VM guest.


On 02/08/2013 17:20, Justin Brown wrote:

It depends by what you mean for virtual networking. If you want a
Linux bridge attached to an ethernet interface (or VLAN) with KVM
guests attaching vnets, yes, that is currently possible with
NetworkManager. On the other hand, NetworkManager cannot control Open
vSwitch or other advanced features.

The documentation for NM is sorely lacking, but I have found the
Fedora Networking guide,, to
be useful. And if you get deep into NM keyfile configurations,
lists all possible configuration keys.


On Fri, Aug 2, 2013 at 9:23 AM, Florent THOMAS <mailinglist tdeo fr> wrote:
Hy folks

Is networkmanager capable for managing bridges for virtual networking?



Florent THOMAS

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