Re: Nm applet in gdm3

On 10/02/2012 07:50 AM, Pavel Simerda wrote:
From: "Stefan Kauerauf" <mail stefankauerauf de>

I'm searching for a solution to folowing problem for about 10 hours
from now. Hope anyone here can give me some advice to solve my

First I want to express what I#m going to try:

I wont to be able to logon on my Laptops via ldap over Openvpn and
Wifi. To make a connection to my vpn, and also from an new wifi, I
must be able to configure and establish networking connections
before login.

You should be logged in for configuration, at least on the command-line.

NetworkManager is a system daemon, that means if the connection is
properly configured, it starts without user interaction.

Commandline or scripted solutions are not a
satisfieing way because of the users of the laptops can't manage

Why should the users do the configuration?

If I'm understanding the issue I'd re-describe it as thus:

The login system requires a working VPN to complete. If the user was at a cafe and needs to setup the networking before logging in, they need to have access to nm-applet/NM prior to logging in. Since they could be at a cafe where they have never been before they have to be able to create a new wifi connection and then start the VPN.

As a side note, I'm pretty sure you can set the machines up to use LDAP but cache the credentials if they've already logged in on the machines once. This way if a network is up they can authenticate but fall back to local methods or something like that. Definitely an issue if the user has never used the device before not sure what your use case is but that seems easy to avoid.

Nathanael d. Noblet
t 403.875.4613

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