Re: Sierra USB 306 - GetSignalQuality() fails when connected: "Could not parse the +CIND response"

On Tue, Nov 27, 2012 at 2:29 AM, Bjørn Mork <bjorn mork no> wrote:
> Kelsey Sigurdur <schlupping gmail com> writes:
>> I do have the sierra_net driver on my system but you are correct that
>> it's not getting bound to the device.
>> For now I'm guessing it's a kernel issue. Google, and my rudimentary
>> understanding of C, suggests that the USB 306 is blacklisted in
>> sierra.c
> The sierra.c comment refers to blacklisting the DirectIP USB interfaces
> in the serial driver, giving the sierra_net driver a chance to handle
> them instead.  This is a prerequisite for using sierra_net at all.
>> but would work with a firmware version >= M3.0.
>> Unfortunately,  the Sierra Wireless site offers only M2_0_11_10AP as
>> the latest firmware for this device.
>> See if you're interested in where I
>> came across the blacklist info.
> Right.  If the firmware version is the problem, then your device is
> probably failing this test in the sierra_net driver:
>         /* verify fw attributes */
>         status = sierra_net_get_fw_attr(dev, &fwattr);
>         dev_dbg(&dev->udev->dev, "Fw attr: %x\n", fwattr);
>         /* test whether firmware supports DHCP */
>         if (!(status == sizeof(fwattr) && (fwattr & SWI_GET_FW_ATTR_MASK))) {
>                 /* found incompatible firmware version */
>                 dev_err(&dev->udev->dev, "Incompatible driver and firmware"
>                         " versions\n");
>                 kfree(priv);
>                 return -ENODEV;
>         }
> You should be able to verify that easily by looking for the
> "Incompatible driver and firmware versions" message.  Is that present in
> your kernel logs?

Yes that error is present. That error is actually what prompted me to
start peeking at the source code.

> If so, then I don't think there is much anyone can do here.  We can only
> assume there is a valid reason for Sierra to put that test in the
> driver.  Did you try requesting newer firmware from Sierra Wireless?  In
> my experience they don't necessarily put all available firmwares on
> their public site.
> Bjørn

Requesting newer firmware is my next step. Hopefully citing the email
from Elina, and Dans' note about having version 3.0 on his 306, will
make acquiring the update a relatively painless process.

Thank you for your input.

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