Re: Sierra USB 306 - GetSignalQuality() fails when connected: "Could not parse the +CIND response"

Kelsey Sigurdur <schlupping gmail com> writes:

> I do have the sierra_net driver on my system but you are correct that
> it's not getting bound to the device.
> For now I'm guessing it's a kernel issue. Google, and my rudimentary
> understanding of C, suggests that the USB 306 is blacklisted in
> sierra.c

The sierra.c comment refers to blacklisting the DirectIP USB interfaces
in the serial driver, giving the sierra_net driver a chance to handle
them instead.  This is a prerequisite for using sierra_net at all.

> but would work with a firmware version >= M3.0.
> Unfortunately,  the Sierra Wireless site offers only M2_0_11_10AP as
> the latest firmware for this device.
> See if you're interested in where I
> came across the blacklist info.

Right.  If the firmware version is the problem, then your device is
probably failing this test in the sierra_net driver:

	/* verify fw attributes */
	status = sierra_net_get_fw_attr(dev, &fwattr);
	dev_dbg(&dev->udev->dev, "Fw attr: %x\n", fwattr);

	/* test whether firmware supports DHCP */
	if (!(status == sizeof(fwattr) && (fwattr & SWI_GET_FW_ATTR_MASK))) {
		/* found incompatible firmware version */
		dev_err(&dev->udev->dev, "Incompatible driver and firmware"
			" versions\n");
		return -ENODEV;

You should be able to verify that easily by looking for the 
"Incompatible driver and firmware versions" message.  Is that present in
your kernel logs?

If so, then I don't think there is much anyone can do here.  We can only
assume there is a valid reason for Sierra to put that test in the
driver.  Did you try requesting newer firmware from Sierra Wireless?  In
my experience they don't necessarily put all available firmwares on
their public site.


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