Re: Gnome 3 style

On 11/16/2012 12:28 PM, Dan Williams wrote:
> Basically, getting the applet to look like GNOME Shell's network applet
> would be a hack, because you'd have to ship a custom theme and then
> somehow convince GTK to use the applet's custom theme instead of the
> default GTK one. 

Well... nm-applet could request the symbolic icons rather than the
full-color ones, but the problem is that the set of available symbolic
networking icons doesn't match the set of fullcolor networking icons, so
you'd need to do something about that. In particular, as of GNOME 3.6,
the shell network indicator is now using multiple icons in the case
where you're connected to a VPN [rather than just overlaying a lock icon
on top of the wifi/ethernet icon], and making nm-applet do that would be
a bunch of work, since you could no longer just use GtkTrayIcon (since
that only supports a single icon).

-- Dan

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