Re: Gnome 3 style

On Tue, 2012-11-13 at 23:37 +0330, Majid Dehghan wrote:
> hi,
> can we have the new Networkmanager style which is used in gnome3.xx in
> the fallback mode?
> is it even possible?
> thanks in advance

The applet draws itself with GTK, which draws widgets according to the
current theme.  So if you have a theme that looks like GNOME Shell, then
the applet will draw itself like that.  Of course, that means the rest
of your windows will also be white-on-black too, which probably isn't
what you want.

The reason the GNOME Shell applet looks like the rest of GNOME Shell,
but the GTK widgets in applications don't, is that the GNOME Shell
applet is written in JavaScript + C and thus uses the GNOME Shell
widgets instead of GTK ones.

Basically, getting the applet to look like GNOME Shell's network applet
would be a hack, because you'd have to ship a custom theme and then
somehow convince GTK to use the applet's custom theme instead of the
default GTK one.  That's certainly possible, and I'm not against a patch
to do that as long as it's not too invasive.  Should probably happen via
a command-line option so that different desktop environments could
customize the theme if they wanted too, like eg 'nm-applet
--theme=<blah>' or something like that.


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