Re: racoon?

Pavel Simerda <psimerda redhat com> writes:

>> From: "Derek Atkins" <warlord MIT EDU>
>> Pavel Simerda <psimerda redhat com> writes:
>> > The Racoon software is fairly obsolete and abandoned. I admit it
>> > can serve
>> > your purpose but it is not really worth any new work. There is
>> > Strongswan,
>> > Racoon2 (a separate project) or, maybem, Openswan. AFAIK only
>> > Strongswan
>> > and Openswan have some support for NetworkManager. I'm curious
>> > about any
>> > new information you might have.
>> It may be old but it is neither obsolete nor abandoned.
> I am sorry but I insist on the word obsolete for software that implements
> obsolete IETF protocols and ignores their replacements.

Fair enough on the obsolecense -- RFC 4306 was released in 2005 which
does "obsolete" RFC 2409.  However shortly before 4306, RFC 4109 was
released which still made updates to 2409, so clearly there were
coexisting efforts to create IKEv2 and update IKEv1.

Yes, it's been seven years since IKEv2 was released.  Welcome to
IETF Time.  :)

However I still maintain that ipsec-tools has not been abandoned.

>> There is still work being done on ipsec-tools,
> Yes? What news can I expect, then?

You'll have to ask the current developers.  I only know that there are
still updates.


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