Re: =?utf-8?B?562U5aSNOg==?= MM: Non QMI Huawei modems without PPP support?

Olof Ermis <olof ermis gmail com> writes:

> Update:
> When loading manually using
> modprobe -v cdc_ncm
> I get this in syslog:
> Nov 12 14:49:23 oloflinux kernel: [ 1840.329871] usb 2-6: bind() failure
> Nov 12 14:49:23 oloflinux kernel: [ 1840.329900] usbcore: registered
> new interface driver cdc_ncm
> So it looks like cdc_ncm somehow tried to attach the dongle there (usb
> 2-6) but failed.

Yes.  OK, then it makes sense again.

We obviously overlooked something.  But that can be fixed.  We just need
to find out where and why it fails.  It worked for Tommy, which seemed
likely when looking at the code, but reading code and trying to imagine
the flow often fails.  For me at least...

Could you add a few extra debugging printk's throughout the
cdc_ncm_bind() function? There are quite a few "goto error;" and
"goto error2;".  Could you replace each of these with something which
makes it possible to pinpoint exactly which one we take?  Something like
this, but with a unique error message per goto would do:

    dev_err(&intf->dev,"exit 1\n");
    goto error;


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