Re: [MM] Boost Option/HSO probings

>> I prepared a patch which would make the option/hso modem probing almost
>> > instant, by moving the port type hint logic (the one reading the
>> > per-port 'hsotype' file) to a custom init operation done for each tty
>> > port when the probing sequence starts, instead of doing it once probing
>> > is finished. With this patch we really rely on the information given by
>> > the files; so e.g. if the 'hsotype' file for a given port tells us it's
>> > "Control" we do assume the port is the primary AT port (we won't do any
>> > AT probing in the port). Of course, if no 'hsotype' file is found for a
>> > given port, we just launch the normal port probing sequence.
>> > 
>> > Another approach would be to grab the port type hint and then only
>> > request to probe for the specific port type suggested, e.g. if the
>> > 'hsotype' file tells us the port is "Control", remove QCDM probing; or,
>> > if it tells us the port is "GPS", remove both AT and QCDM probings.
>> > 
>> > What do you think? Can we really always rely on the contents of the
>> > 'hsotype' files?
> At the moment I think we can rely on it, and if we *can't*, then we need
> to fix the kernel drivers anyway.  If we find some device that lies
> about its ports like Huawei firmware sometimes does, then we can always
> just do what you suggest and just filter the probing.
> Patch seems to work fine for my Option devices.

Pushed then to git master.



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