Re: [PATCH 12/15] manager: create a new GDBus-based `MMManager' if ModemManager1 support is available

On 07/11/12 00:06, Dan Williams wrote:
> Is there any way we can move the nm-manger.c to src/modem-manager/ and
> isolate them better?  Perhaps either fold them into
> src/modem-manager/nm-modem-manager.c or else create a parallel
> src/modem-manager/nm-modem-manager1.c?

Well, we could have a new GObject created under /modem-manager which
would listen to either the old or new ModemManager modem added/removed
signals, and create NMDeviceModems right away. That object would notify
the new NMDevices so that NMManager knows about them and it would do the
checks against priv->devices looking for Bluetooth DUN devices. This
would definitely simplify NMManager as the code for both ModemManagers
would get out. The downside is that we would be creating NMDeviceModem
objects too early, before knowing if they will end up being used (as
NMDeviceModem) or removed (if they are to be used as NMDeviceBt). I
guess we would also move NMDeviceModem under /modem-manager in this
case. I'll try to prepare a patch to do this.


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