Re: Correspondent to "nm-applet" in Fedora-17 ?

>     > What is the correspondent to nm-applet in Fedora-17?
>     > When i do, "sudo killall nm-applet" in Fedora-17, there is still the
>     > nm-applet frontend in Gnome, through which connections can be
>     > added/edited/removed.
>     >
>     > Will be grateful for any pointers :)
>     systemctl stop NetworkManager.service ?
> Thanks Sergio for the reply.
> I tried it, and the frontend-icon disappeared for a while; but it
> re-appeared (presumably because of the service re-starting by itself).
> I can try to look into "persisting" the stoppage of the service; but I
> wish to clear myself on something else too :)
> As far as I know, on Fedora-14, the backend service and the frontend
> nm-applet were decoupled; doing "sudo killall nm-applet" permanently
> stopped nm-applet.
> So, has there been any architectural changes in this regard?

In F17, and since F16 actually IIRC, there is no network-manager-applet
running; gnome-shell provides the built-in network status icon and menu,
which will only be shown if NetworkManager is running.

If you stop the NetworkManager service you will effectively be stopping
NetworkManager itself, not just the applet.

That said, not sure if there is a way to tell gnome-shell not to show
the network status; I guess a gnome shell extension could be written for


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