Re: Unmanaged eth0 - NM still logs eth0

 Hi Dan,

Thank you for your information!
Anyway, this information helped us to catch a bug somewhere else!

It seems, the wired network downgrade it's speed to 10Mbit and other elements on the network did not change.

Do you have idea, what can cause RX overrun errors? Or where to start get information about this?

Thank you!

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Feladó: "Dan Williams" dcbw redhat com
Címzett: "PongráczI"
CC: networkmanager-list gnome org
Dátum: Wed, 16 May 2012 18:07:13 -0500

> On Fri, 2012-04-27 at 12:20 +0200, PongráczI wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> I use NM for managing only GSM and openvpn connections.
>> In the interfaces file I setup the static IP addresses.
>> The system starts well and working well for a while, but after some
>> time (many hours or days), I can see these kind of entries in my log:
>> Apr 24 11:05:04 localhost NetworkManager[1994]: <info> (eth0): carrier
>> now OFF (device state 10)
>> Apr 24 11:05:06 llocalhost NetworkManager[1994]: <info> (eth0):
>> carrier now ON (device state 10)
>> In parallel, when I checked the ifconfig eth0, it seems everything
>> working, but TX overruns get a high value 17755.
>> Even, ifconfig returned that, the network is up, I am unable to ping
>> other nodes on the network. It seems, the network is dead until I
>> reboot the system.
>> In my Network-manager config, ifupdown explicitely turned off:
>> managed=false
>> Do you have idea, what is going on? Is that possible, NM still manages
>> somehow the ethernet, or just indicates its state?
> NM doesn't manage it, but it still tracks carrier changes. I've pushed
> a patch to suppress the message if the device is unmanaged.
> Dan

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