Re: Trying to convert an old hand-rolled bonding configuration to NetworkManager

On Sat, May 12, 2012 at 03:59:16AM -0400, Andrew Mahone wrote:
> For a while now I've had my ethernet and wifi devices bonded in
> active-backup mode, such that (on my home network, where they're
> bridged) I can seamlessly unplug and retain my IP address and all
> active connections, losing only speed. I've installed the latest
> NetworkManager from git, and I'm trying to replicate this setup with
> NM. I run Arch, which installed a NetworkManager.conf that uses the
> keyfile plugin. There doesn't seem to be any documentation describing
> the use of anything but the ifcfg-rh plugin - can this even be
> expected to work?

It use the same format as the initscripts. Seeé

> I have a bonding connection set up with type=bond, and a bond section
> in its config:
> [bond]
> interface-name=bond0


> mode=active-backup



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