Re: help please!!!

On Monday 07 of May 2012 19:45:13 Paulina Bórquez wrote:

>Please, I need some help. I made a mistake and deleted the network manager 
from mi control panel on the top of mi Ubuntu 8...and I can't find anywhere it 
to replace it in the control panel.
>...I'm not very smart in using my pc, but I am an Ubuntu fan !!!
>Can somebody help me?????

You'd beter ask in an Ubuntu forum.
I'm not sure what you mean by control panel. But, if you mean that you removed 
an icon for network-manager-applet (nm-applet) from the system tray, then you 
can display that again by running nm-applet in a terminal:

* start a terminal window
* execute this command: nm-applet&


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