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I have potentially found a small  exception when adding a wifi connection while device disconnected.

If I do:

con_path =  nm_settings_iface.AddConnection(config)
#activate in case it was previously disconneced

but the config contains a faulty encryption key (psk)

I then monitor the progress with a looping
dev_prop_iface.Get("org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.Device", "State")

it starts as expected with 50 for a while. Then it would normally give up and switch to 60.
I will then catch this and prompt for a new password.

BUT when we started with a disconnected wifi the state is switched back to 30 instead.
Is this by design? I notice that there is no dev_iface.Connect()....

Complete code here
(I have kind of worked around the problem but not sure if I will get sub seq issues)

best regards, Jonas

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