Re: [ModemManager] Two SMS bugs in the new code

Hey Nathan,

On 04/26/2012 01:58 AM, Nathan Williams wrote:
> 1. When a new single-part message arrives, an "Added" signal is sent but
> the "Completed" signal is not sent.

We emit "Added" if we got a singlepart message or whenever we get the
first part of a multipart message. In the latter case, the state of the
SMS will be RECEIVING, until the last part is received and the message
assembled, which is when the state of the SMS goes to RECEIVED. I would
vote for completely removing the "Completed" emitted in the Messaging
interface; and instead just rely on each SMS state changes... At least
that was my original idea when I skipped emitting the "Completed" signal
all together.

> 2. Multipart messages don't seem to work - the multipart bit isn't
> getting set correctly somewhere?.

Yes, it wasn't being set properly; fixed here:

Could you test it with that fix in?


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