Re: [MM] [PATCH 2/5] novatel: Use the ALLOWED_SINGLE_AT property. Saves 5 seconds on probing.

Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com> writes:

> Port layout of the Novatel 551L (LTE Band 13 device similar to the E362
> this Nathan's plugin targets, but USB instead of PCI-E minicard) is as
> follows:
> 0: AT commands
> 1: DM
> 2: another DM
> 3: unknown (probably QMI; doesn't respond to $GPS_START)
> 4/5: CDC Ether
> Odd that we have two DM ports. If Intf3 is really QMI then we should
> make sure it's blacklisted in 'option' so we don't have to do
> serial-related junk with it.

what sort of endpoins does interface 3 have?  Is the 4/5 configured as a
standard CDC Ether class interface set with the appropriate CDC
functional descriptors and class codes?  I assume it's configured using
either AT commands or DM?

I wonder... QMI could also be embedded in the CDC Ether control
interface.  But then you should see "CDC: unexpected notification 01!"
messages from time to time from cdc_ether, assuming that the device
sends unsolicited indications.  Most (all?) QMI devices seem to do that.
They send a QMI_CTL SYNC indication during startup at the very least.


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