Re: [MM] [PATCH 2/5] novatel: Use the ALLOWED_SINGLE_AT property. Saves 5 seconds on probing.

Aleksander Morgado <aleksander lanedo com> writes:

>> Testing for a QMI port is currenly non-trivial. You will have to modify
>> the cdc-wdm or qmi_wwan drivers to bind to the device and see if it
>> replies to QMI.  A nice test util for someone to write (I've been
>> planning to, but haven't had the time and probably won't either...)
>> would be something using libusb to send a CDC embedded QMI message (the
>> subsystem version check looks like a good candidate) to a given
>> device/interface.  Should be fairly easy to write.
> That check will possibly be done directly through libqmi/libqmi-glib. In
> my libqmi-glib, opening a QmiDevice involves doing the subsystem version
> check already.

Yes, adding a libusb-based "CDC driver" backend in addition to the
character device backed would be useful, at least for testing and
verifying new devices.


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