Re: 3G Signal CSQ

El 22/03/12 17:31, Dan Williams escribió:
That's 1/2 a lie, they support RSSI, which is the value they return from
AT+CSQ.  RSSI is an arbitrary unit that's assumed to be linear in scale
(unlike dBm).  CSQ is defined to be 0 - 31, and internally in NM that's
normalized to a 0...100 scale.  Technically GetSignalQuality *does*
return RSSI, but may not be reported in the modem's native RSSI scale.
On some devices (Ericsson MBM) the scale is 0...5 even.

If you're looking for a much deeper RSSI, like radio diagnostic data,
then that's actually impossible to get for most devices

Very thanks for your help.

Aleksander already said me (in spanish). But with my modem seems to be a bug with "echo", solved in next versions of NM (fedora 16 still have old version).

But, like a driver,..., I only need the speed, not, how speed it is calculated.

I think that I can use RSSI (0-31) with: -113 - (RSSI x 2) dBm.


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