Re: [PATCH] firewall-manager: allow dhcpv6-client service

Hi Jiri,

> Tell firewall to allow dhcpv6-client service for the given zone prior
> to starting dhcpv6 client. We don't need to wait for the response
> because dhcp client keeps sending Solicit messages until it gets the
> response (i.e. until firewall opens the port).

Thank you very much for looking into this, it is high time DHCPv6 is
functional out of the box in Fedora.

I tested the patch on top of the
NetworkManager- SRPM, and it applies and
compiles without any problems. However, it doesn't actually work for me
- I get the «opening port for dhcpv6 client skipped (firewall not
running)» message in my logs.

I couldn't figure out how I go about starting the firewall-manager
service (suggestions are welcomed), but in any case, if it isn't enabled
by default, then DHCPv6 isn't going to work out of the box, which means
no actual progress has been made. Or am I missing something here?

Best regards,
Tore Anderson

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