ANN: NetworkManager (0.9.4-beta1)


Another testing release to bang on; hopefully we can kick the actual
0.9.4 out in the next couple weeks.  Notable changes in 0.9.4 are
connectivity checking (thanks to toabctl), bond and VLAN support (tgraf
and wpan), usage of the kernel nl80211 wifi API instead of WEXT
(johill), nonblocking IP configuration (cyphermox, Tore), support for
firewalld zones (jiri popelka, twoerner), EAP-FAST (jklimes), libnm-glib
asynchronous API (danw), WiMAX converted to a plugin for easier
packaging, IPv6 privacy extensions enabled by default (jklimes), and
much more.  The VPN plugins also gained a new "external UI mode" which
allows their authentication UI to better integrate into the desktop
(gcampax, danw).

Lets get some testing...  NM 0.9.4 will be released March 21st, or even
earlier if all the testing goes well.


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