Re: USB gadget support?

Hi Dan,

> > I have F16 here (NM 0.9.2) with a Beagleboard doing USB gadget 
> > networking, and NM seems to be treating the wired and USB connections as 
> > the same thing. After booting the Beagleboard, I get two "Wired" items 
> > in the NM connection list, but they are sharing a single configuration. 
> > This is a problem because I need to share my host's ethernet in order to 
> > give the Beagleboard connectivity -- definitely not the same configuration.
> > When I click the "+" button for a new configuration, my only option is VPN.
> > 
> > I'm sure I had this working in F14 or F15, but I can't remember how. Am 
> > I missing something simple? Thanks!
> Do either of the interfaces have stable MAC addresses?  The usual
> mechanism would be to lock connections to each of the MAC addresses of
> the interfaces, so that you have connection #1 locked to onboard wired,
> and connection #2 locked to USB, and then they are both set up
> correctly.  Unfortunately, I think on the gadget stuff sometimes the MAC
> address is random and then this becomes an excercise in creating udev
> rules to set the MAC address to a well-known one.

I fixed this in the kernel a long time ago. USB networking gadgets
contain DEVTYPE=gadget. No need to play crazy address tricks.



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