Re: NM re-writing /etc/resolv.conf

On 1 Mar 2012, at 12:46, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> This morning, when I brought my hibernating Fedora-16 laptop to life,
> I found NM had re-written /etc/resolv.conf , leaving only comments.
> ...
> Why does NM do this?

As I understand it, /etc/resolv.conf is *supposed* to be re-written to contain the nameservers specified by the DHCP server (see for example "man dhclient-script", though note that NetworkManager provides its own script overriding dhclient's default dhclient-script).

So, assuming you are using DHCP, perhaps the DHCP query failed.

I'll leave the full diagnosis to someone more knowledgeable, but maybe the dhclient or NetworkManager logs will help.

Kind regards,
David Röthlisberger.

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