Re: Make Network Manager applet aware of ppp connections

Hi Dan!

Thanks for you time for helping me.

I use a dial-up 56k connection, I'm afraid :(

How I Can make NM work with my dialup connection?

I've the hunch that if I make that work the VPN will work fine.

Thanks in advance for your help.


On Tue 12 Jun 2012 04:27:17 PM CDT, Dan Williams wrote:
On Sun, 2012-06-10 at 11:53 -0400, Diosney Sarmiento wrote:

The issue I've is that when I connect via modem through gnome-ppp the
Network Manager Applet don't detect a connection and don't let me use
the configured VPNs via its interface.

How Can I manually activate the Network Manager Applet or make it aware
of the ppp connection?

Ideally we figure out why NM can't handle the connection.  Is it a
dial-up 56k connection?  Is it a 3G modem?

What I need is to enable the Network Manager apple in order to use the
"VPN Connection" section of the GUI.

NM needs to know various details about the underlying PPP connection to
be able to layer a VPN on top of it, like what the DNS servers that the
PPP connection provided are, what IP address got assigned to the PPP
interface, etc.  So that when you start or stop the VPN connection, that
NM can reset the correct DNS servers from PPP and reset the routing.
And the easiest way to really do that is to teach NM about the
underlying device that you've got.


When I don't have an ethernet cable connected and I connect through a
modem the Network Manager applet doesn't enables itself, it is like if
don't recognizes the ppp0 interface. My question is: there is a way to
force the Network Manager GUI indicator to make it
"alive"/"up"/"enabled" in order to use the "VPN Connections"section?

pd. I'm using Ubuntu 11.10

Thanks in advance.

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