Make Network Manager applet aware of ppp connections


The issue I've is that when I connect via modem through gnome-ppp the Network Manager Applet don't detect a connection and don't let me use the configured VPNs via its interface.

How Can I manually activate the Network Manager Applet or make it aware of the ppp connection?

What I need is to enable the Network Manager apple in order to use the "VPN Connection" section of the GUI.

When I don't have an ethernet cable connected and I connect through a modem the Network Manager applet doesn't enables itself, it is like if don't recognizes the ppp0 interface. My question is: there is a way to force the Network Manager GUI indicator to make it "alive"/"up"/"enabled" in order to use the "VPN Connections"section?

pd. I'm using Ubuntu 11.10

Thanks in advance.



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