Re: Network-manager and VLAN

> From: "Dan Williams" <dcbw redhat com>
> Well, at least we want to make that an *option*.  Pragmatically, this
> is
> Linux, and I don't think we'll ever achieve 100% coverage, and I
> don't
> think we *want* to either (if we did, NM would be a pile of
> unmaintainable hacks).

Yep. An option for anyone and *the* option for Fedora and those who already

> Instead, I believe our goal is to make NM useful enough, easy enough,
> and understandable enough, that people *want* to use NM rather than
> wading through a bunch of scripts.  We don't want to force NM upon
> people; instead we need to make NM *better* than the existing options
> so
> that it's a no-brainer choice.  There will always be people that want
> to
> tinker and do something else or have so totally crack-rock use-cases
> that we have no hope of easily supporting them, and that's fine.
>  That's
> what software is about.

I agreed even before you wrote it.


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