RE: PATCH: Auto-Enable WWAN after PIN entry


> Great, that is mainly what I had in mind WRT autoconnect.  But as Marius
> says, it only solves it for nm-applet, and not for other DEs.  However, I'm not
> sure we can solve it in general unless we modify the NM secret agent API,
> which we certainly could do.
> If we did move this functionality more into NM, then we'd add a second class
> of GetSecrets() type functions for a device, where the existing ones are for a
> connection.  ModemManager gives us a SIM ID and a Device ID, and we'd
> pass these to this function, which would then ask whatever registered agent
> for the secrets.  The agent could look them up and return then, and
> depending on that response, NM could enable the device or not, in
> conjunction with the current rfkill/airplane mode status and whether any
> connections matching that device had autoconnect=true.

[[GR]] That makes sense, this also could solve the point that we have at the moment two different Pin dialogs (one on nm-applet startup and another when a connection starts that need a PIN and requests it via the agent interface).

However since this is only one a lot of other tasks I am working on and fighting thru several layers of state machines and interprocess communication is not the easiest thing, if you only part time working on this stuff, I will for the moment stick with my current patch, since it solves at least most of my problems.

I will keep this in mind for my next patch



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