Re: PATCH: Auto-Enable WWAN after PIN entry

Den 30. juli 2012 23:47, skrev Marius Kotsbak:
Den 27. juli 2012 16:13, skrev Marius Kotsbak:
Den 27. juli 2012 15:07, skrev richter ecos de:

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
gsm_add_menu_item (device=0x811d380, n_devices=1, active=0x0, menu=0x81b72e8, applet=0x80e6038) at applet-device-gsm.c:463
463 text = mobile_helper_get_connection_label (NULL,


*/[[GR]] As far as I can see, this seems not to be related to my patch. At least I do not change anything during menu update. Maybe you did not correctly recompile nm-applet, because the applet.h changes and if not every file gets recompiled, that might be the reason for the crash. So I suggest to make a make clean first and retry. If it still persists, that I would need more information about when it occurs./*

Okay, I can try to build the packages without your patch to see if it is actually caused by it.

Sorry, I must have mixed in a newer version of NM installed in /usr/local. It does not crash now, but in my case (with a modem with ethernet interface usb0), it seems like the patch does not work, probably because the ethernet interface is picked up as a wired ethernet interface:

And I think I again had some more mixup. I get the mobile broandband connection options now, but it is not happening automatically.

Looking at the patched code, the most likely cause I think is that I have disabled PIN check at the SIM card and then the patch code that hooks into the PIN dialog is never executed. I guess the same would happen when the PIN is found in the keystore, so the patch code should be moved out of that part.


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