RE: PATCH: Auto-Enable WWAN after PIN entry



I tried testing this patch with Ubuntu Precise packages, but nm-applet crashes:


[[GR]] Sorry, I am not an Ubuntu User, so I don’t know what Precise packages are

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
gsm_add_menu_item (device=0x811d380, n_devices=1, active=0x0, menu=0x81b72e8, applet=0x80e6038) at applet-device-gsm.c:463
463                    text = mobile_helper_get_connection_label (NULL,


[[GR]] As far as I can see, this seems not to be related to my patch. At least I do not change anything during menu update. Maybe you did not correctly recompile nm-applet, because the applet.h changes and if not every file gets recompiled, that might be the reason for the crash. So I suggest to make a make clean first and retry. If it still persists, that I would need more information about when it occurs.

Did you build it on the current git master head?


[[GR]] The patch is against 0.9.4, because that ist he latest stable version and the one which we are using. But I don’t see any changes in HEAD, which might be related to that issue


Anyway, I find it strange to fix this bug in the nm-applet GUI, when I see changes related to this in network manager previously:


[[GR]] “we need to explicitly make  nm_device_interface_get_enabled() == true a prerequisite for autoconnecting.”. That is exactly what the patch does, it enables the WWAN if there are any autoconnect conntions _after_ the PIN has entered. The point is that the patch waits for the Pin entry and only on successful pin entry, enable the WWAN. Which makes sense from my point of view and is a necessary addition to the commit you mentioned.

Maybe this could also be done in network manger, I am not sure if this would be a better place. I leave this decision up to the people that know the code better than me.




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