Problem automatically unmounting VPN shares


I am trying to automatically mount and unmount a share at my office. I have a script in /etc/NetworkManager/dispatch.d which runs along the lines:


case "$2" in
        exec mount blah-blah-blah
        exec umount blah-blah-blah

which mounts the share in my home directory (on Ubuntu 11.10 + Network Manager v. I swear this all worked fine when I set it up in 2010. But some time in the intervening period it has broken. (I am infrequent user of VPN since I got DropBox!) I have also upgraded from Natty to Oneiric in the meantime...

Now, VPN connects fine, the remote share is mounted OK. I can see/access all the remote files. But when I disconnect from VPN, the running of the umount seems to go very wrong. After disconnect, if I open a terminal and type "ls" to list the contents of my home directory (the mount point), the "ls" command hangs. (Nautilus also hangs - either it won't start or, if it was running already, it hangs.) Everything else in the OS seems to work OK. It seems for all the world as if the mount point is getting screwed and the only recovery is to restart (in which the shutdown takes much longer than usual).

The weird thing is that, if I delete the dispatcher script above, connect to VPN, mount the drive manually in a terminal, then umount it manually, and disconnect from VPN, everything is fine and as it should be. So it seems like the dispatcher daemon is making a mess of running the unmount... but not the mount.

Any ideas where to go with this?


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