Re: Network-manager and VLAN

Am 27.07.2012 04:16, schrieb Weiping Pan:
>> Michael
> 1 verify that you use ifcfg-rh plugin
> cat /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf
> [main]
> plugins=ifcfg-rh

Thanks for the answer, but as I said, I am using Ubuntu and do not have
the rhel configuration scripts.

I have finally managed to get a VLAN connection working with the
following keyfile:





I am not sure whether this is the 100% correct way to do it. There are
two drawbacks taht I have noticed so far:

1. There seems to be no autoconnect feature for VLAN connections. If I
insert the cable, nm does not automatically start the VLAN connection.
For normal wired connections this works.

2. I hoped that nm-applet would at least show these connections, so that
one can start or stop a connection without being able to edit the
connection details. Unfortunately, this seems not to be the case.

If I see all of this correctly, then the only way to start or stop a
connection every time a cable is connected, is to issue

nmcli con up id VLAN1

at the command line.

Is this correct or is there another way?



> 2 /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-vlan43
> VLAN=yes
> TYPE=Vlan
> DEVICE=eth9.43
> PHYSDEV=eth9
> ONBOOT=yes
> BOOTPROTO=static
> hth
> thanks
> Weipin gPan
>> P.S.: Already asked on the ubuntu bugtracker. People over there are very
>> helpful but lack deep internal knowledge about network manager. (see
>> here
>> P.P.S.: Version is 0.9.4, so should include VLAN support according to
>> release notes.
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