ANN: ModemManager 0.5.4-rc2 and 0.6-rc1 released


On the road to ModemManager 0.5.4 (current stable) and 0.6 (new stable),
we've got two hot releases for you.

First, 0.5.4-rc2...

Which has the following enhancements over 0.5.2:
- Better handling of PPP auth methods
- Support for PPP-based ZTE modems that use Icera chipsets
- Stability fixes for Huawei modems
- Ignore unsupported QMI ethernet ports
- Better support for sending SMS messages on some modems
- Use SMS PDU mode by default

and second, 0.6-rc1, which has the following significant changes over
the 0.5.x series:

- More flexible and reliable port probing and modem setup
- New plugin for some Cinterion modems
- New plugin for some Iridium satellite modems
- New API for modem firmware management
- New API for network-provided date and time
- New API for indicating remaining PIN/PUK unlock retries
- New API for indicating enabled facility locks

When the final 0.6 is released, it will become the new stable series,
and 0.5.x will move to maintenance mode.

As always, testing appreciated on both versions.


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