Re: [PATCH] RFC: fall back to IPv4-LL in case of DHCP failure

Jan Luebbe <jlu pengutronix de> writes:

> For configuration, a new IPv4 method could be added (either a new
> 'Automatic with fall back' or 'DHCP only', making enabled fall back
> the default in 'Automatic'). Alternatively an option could be added
> to the IPv4 configuration (i.e. 'll-fall-back=true').

In the long run, an ordered list (made up example: [DHCP, OLSR,
RFC3927]) may be best. Otherwise either the number of combined options
will grow exponentially or only a rather limited subset of combinations
will be supported. Additional options could be used to modify the
operation of the individual methods (e.g. [RFC3927, DHCP] and
rfc3927-exclusive=no to always assign a link-local address, or [DHCP,
RFC3927] and dhcp-initial-timeout=3, dhcp-retry-later=yes,
dhcp-remove-rfc3927=yes to get connected fast and temporarily use
link-local addresses until a DHCP server becomes available). This
prevents the same method to be tried twice with different options, but
going to full PAM-style complexity (with per-instance options and
<status>=<action> to modify the ordering) may not be worth it.

How to expose this in the UI is a different matter. One option may be to
show a drop-down box with just a few commonplace options by default and
showing the full list in advanced mode.

At any rate, thanks for working on making IPv4LL addressing a
non-exclusive option!


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