network-manager-openvpn still not meet everyone's needs

Hello !

Using natty with backports and natty-bleed-ppa repositories enabled.

When somebody try to load a custom openvpn config file, unwanted options are set (eg: redirect-gateway def1), then we could suppose other ones are maybe discarded (since the opposite is true)..

When somebody import a custom config file, we could believe he expect that it will be used "as is"... not you ?

... there should be an option for it. (it could also allow using server configurations - though i didnt check if it was not yet working)

At least, default gateway or dns requests redirection should be optional.

In the meanwhile, 2 years after I mentioned it for the first time, we still need to use /etc/openvpn and crontab to "checkvpn" ... *sigh*

Take a look at Tunneblick (it rocks) for OSuX.. (allowing to look at the log and edit the configuration file, beside the gui)



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