Re: [MM] [PATCH] sim: retry SIM operations during initialization

> Attached is a patch which makes the after-sim-unlock step get run also
> when PIN request is disabled. Could you give it a try with your use case
> and a proper implementation of the modem_after_sim_unlock() callback? I
> would actually try the ZTE way (running +CPMS? retries), as IIRC you
> were having the same issue with +CPMS? in the Samsung modem. Just copy &
> paste the implementation from the ZTE plugin, and if it works we can
> create some helper source files with common interface implementations
> that are not used by the generic broadband modem but may be used by
> plugins (so that we don't rewrite exactly the same implementation in
> different plugins).

Hi Aleksander,

Thanks for the patch! I made the following change to the patch and
tested a few delay values (.5, 1, 2, 3, 5 sec) in
modem_after_sim_unlock. The SIM operation did seem more reliable with
a delay of 2s or more. I still encountered AT+CIMI errors sometimes
but found out that using AT+CRSM=176,28423,0,0,9 to read IMSI was more
reliable than AT+CIMI on the modem I have.

            mm_dbg ("SIM is ready, running after SIM unlock step...");
            MM_IFACE_MODEM_GET_INTERFACE (self)->modem_after_sim_unlock(
-                NULL);
+                ctx);


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