Bringing Up A Bridge Connection Pair


I have a question about how to bring up a bridged connection pair. What I am currently doing is creating the master connection for br-eth0 and then creating the slave connection for eth0 and activating it. If I have a static IP4 config on the master the connection come up fine. If I have a AUTO IP4 config, then the slave activation fails with a message about the master not being activated. Obviously the DHCP on the bridge won't succeed, until a physical interface is attached to the bridge. It seems like a chicken and egg problem. DHCP can't succeed until the slave interface is attached to the bridge and the slave connection won't activate without the master being in the activated state.

Should I be bringing up the connection differently? Should I wait for the master connection to reach the activated state before making the slave connection? Should I do DHCP in the bridge case differently then adding a AUTO IP4 setting? I did have CAN_FAIL as part of that IP4 setting.

Thanks for your help!


ps. I am also seeing the slave NIC eth0 is still enslaved to the master br-eth0 after the slave connection is removed. I checking this with brctl show. The bridge and it's children are cleaned up when I shutdown Network Manager. Removing the both the master and slave connection still results with the bridge existing and the slave still enslaved.

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