[MM 0.7] 'ip-type' now given as an enum


Updated the Modem.CreateBearer() and Simple.Connect() interfaces in git
master so that the 'ip-type' entry in the dictionaries now expect a
uint32 (matched to the new MMBearerIpFamily enum) instead of a set of
predefined strings. See commit 1ac18a06bb37d8745480a9af4fd6bc2f762bf265.

With this change we also avoid using the input string directly in the
+CGDCONT command (which was broken because +CGDCONT expects 'IP' instead
of 'IPV4' as it was documented).

The default if none given is still IPV4; although we should probably
default to IPV4V6 when such a PDP context is already available for the
given APN.



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