tooltips not appearing

I've asked this question on a couple of Arch lists, but have no useful answer.

I have two Arch linux systems running identical software. On one
system nm-applet shows tool tips; on the other it does not.
Since the nowshow machine is a hd copy from the show machine I am
beginning to believe the issue is actually related to hardware.

The two machines are msi wind u100s. I am running slim with openbox
and tint2 as the toolbar; the gtk version is 3.4.4, NetworkManager

The show machine has a synaptics touch pad & intel 5300 wifi.
The noshow machine has sentelic touch pad and intel 4965 wifi.

There may be other hardware differences, but those are the ones I know about.

I used xev to inspect the events that are being sent to the nm-applet
child window. Both systems seem to be getting entry events.
An instrumented version of the gtk3 lib indicates that
gtk_tooltip_show_tooltip is called on the show system, but not on the
noshow system.

Anyone got any ideas on what's wrong or how to discover more?
Robin Becker

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