Re: IPv6 default routes / NM vs. kernel autoconfig vs DHCP6

On 08/08/2012 03:00 AM, Tore Anderson expounded in part:

This could
get non-trivial when there are multiple routes provided by RA.  NM
must then find the route that matches the DHCP6 address to determine
the correct prefix.
An address assigned by DHCPv6 IA_NA is just that, a single address.
DHCPv6 cannot provide a prefix length, or indeed any routes at all. The
implicit prefix length if an IA_NA assignment, therefore, is always
Ah yes. When the RA router IPs are link local, you don't care about a prefix (link local IPs are a cool feature of IP6). But *sometimes*, the router IP is global, and you have to assign a prefix to the DHCP6 IP to be able to talk to that router.

However, perhaps that is too unusual for NetworkManager to support. All the IP6 lans I am currently using have link local router IPs advertised by RA. I think the one that had a global IP was on openwrt - and perhaps because I had set the prefix to /80 (to put the wireless clients on their own subnet).

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