Re: Hint for using Bild-Mobil presets in networkmanager

On Tuesday 30 of August 2011 12:59:54 Stefan Abeln wrote:
> Hi,
> I had to discover that the presets for the wireless broadband connection
> for Bild-Mobil in Germany may lead to higher costs.
> If you use the predefined settings for APN your
> account will be charged by traffic usage not by time.
> I had to pay about 6,-€ for half an hour.
> Instead you should use as APN, then if you start
> surfing, you will be presented a page which lets you choose among
> different time slots.
> I would advise the maintainers of the networkmanager to put
> as default APN.
> Greetings,
> Stefan

We currently use "" for BILDmobil Speedstick. 
"" is used for BILD Mobilportal. Do you have more 
info/description about available plans and their usage?

This is configuration for Bild Mobil:
                <name>Bild Mobil</name>
                        <!-- -->
                        <network-id mcc="262" mnc="02"/>
                        <apn value="">
                                <name>BILD Mobilportal</name>
                        <apn value="">
                        <!-- http://www.prepaid- -->
                        <apn value="">
                                <plan type="prepaid"/>
                                <name>BILDmobil Speedstick (Surfpakete)</name>


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