Re: Problems with Networkmanager on Gnome after change ISP service

There's probably a problem with kernel network driver.

What driver do you use? E.g. nm-tool can tell you.

> I use Arch Linux with Gnome 3.0.2 and Networkmanager.
What kernel version and NM do you use?

> Some days ago I changed my ISP service, from ADLS to a fiber one (on the
> same ISP).
> This required a change on the router that we was using and the new wireless
> have with a different name and settings than the previously one.
> So, after setting the netwrokmaneger through the gnome applet to access the
> new wireless network, not without some machine freeze during this, I was
> able to use the new wireless network.
> Almost everything is working. When I start the system it automaticaly start
> the wireless and I can navigate and all.
> But I can't shutdown (or restart) anymore. The system show a bunch of
> things on the screen (seens to be a kernel panic) and the machine freeze
> after show the "poweroff" message.
what are the error messages?

> So, I think that can be some problem with my configuration files, but I
> don't know what are the files where I must look into...
Look into 'dmesg' output. It should contain something regarding your network 
Also, syslog (/var/log/messages.log) should contain relevant info.


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