RE: ip-config -> failed for GlobeTrotter HSDPA Modem

Hi Dan,

 my teststick was "Out Of Office", but now I have it back again and here is what I found..

> For your device we're not seeing the OWANDATA call there.  That appears to
> be because MM is not recognizing your modem's network device which
> should be called 'hso0'.  Can you provide logs of starting up ModemManager
> with the device plugged in so we can debug what's not happening about the
> detection process?  Also, when you plug the modem in, do you see 'hso0' (or
> hso1 or whatever) in the output of 'ifconfig -a' ?

Attached are two log files. Umts3.log shows starting up modem manager with device already pluged in, umts_plugin.log shows pluging in the device, while modem manager is already running.

Ifconfig -a shows the hso0 device (see ifconfig.log) and the kernel loads the hso driver (start of umts3.log). Also /sys/class/net has an entry for hso0.

Are there any hso udev rules necessary? I saw in the internet that there is a hso udev rule file which sets several devices with fixed names. It seems that this is not necessary for ModemManager, but maybe I am wrong?

Thanks & Regards


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