Re: Additional network interfaces in OpenSUSE?

>> However, no it looks in OpenSUSE I cannot even run "ifup br0"
>> when network manager is running.

Thanks for your answer.

On 6 September 2011 06:59, Bin Li wrote:

>The best way is to use ifup mode in openSUSE,

Yes, I've already managed to use my WLAN connections with ifup. However,
I could not find out how to use my USB 3G stick with ifup/netconfig. I tried
to configure it as a modem in yast, but there wasn't even a UI to enter
the PIN code. Probably I could put extra AT commands to some config
file, but I didn't want to back that far. It's year 2011 ;) Is there
real support for USB 3G modems in the the traditonal OpenSUSE
networking? (sorry, that might be a bit off topic to ask on the
network-manager list how not to use nm...)
> and if you wanna use the NM,
> you could try to use 'unmanaged-devices=mac:<hwaddr>;" in NetworkManager.
> conf. you can find more with 'man NetworkManager.conf

Ahh, good point. I had read that before, but I erroneosly assumed that
the plugin in question is not in use in OpenSUSE. But it is. So from
network manager part this should be OK.

But ifup script does still not work. I've just tested it, and no
surprise, the piece of code I copied in my original posting decides that
network manager is running so ifup exits immediately.

Yes, I could patch the ifup script so it does not exit, but is that really
the way to go?



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