Re: double network at a time.

I'm forgetting many details now as I'm not with my computer,

But if you run nm-connection-editor, you can edit the available
network connections, and set the network routes and/or dns setting in

I'm using much of the same setup to access office net and internet
using two different connection  (gsm modem to internet, lan to office
net) this way.

I'll post again later on the details if you still need em.

All the best.

On 9/6/11, keyur savsani <savsani keyur gmail com> wrote:
> hi,
> can you please explain how to fix DNS and default route,
> i am new to use ubuntu as well as network.
> Thanks.
> On 9/5/11, keyur savsani <savsani keyur gmail com> wrote:
>> hello there,
>> can any one heip me how to use double network at a time.
>> I want to use LAN network for local connectivity at office and mobile
>> broadband for internet use.
>> Thanks,
>> keyur savsani.
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