Re: Shutdown/hibernate/sleep events

On Thu, 2011-09-01 at 10:15 +-0200, Jean Parpaillon wrote:
+AD4 I'm currently developing a solution leveraging wake on wireless feature
+AD4 on some new 3g modems. For this to work, SIM card must not be disabled
+AD4 when computer go to sleep. 
+AD4 Can someone point me the code which is responsible for handling SIM
+AD4 deactivation and sleep events ? It is in ModemManager ? NetworkManager ?
+AD4 linux driver itself ?

I won't start with ModemManager, NetworkManager, or the driver.

I will start with ACPI code and trace from there.

ACPI does Power Management and 
implements the policy of sleeping states.

Not sure if the policy is extended up to ModemManager.

I don't know any more than this (without +ACI-doing the work+ACI,)
so just take this as one other suggestion that you can look into.


Daniel Yek.

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