ModemManager: [PATCH] Huawei PDU encoded commands not padded

ModemManager currently encodes the USSD command *141*0# (for MTN South
Africa) as "AA182DA6828D00".
While this works on some modems, for example the E1820, other modems,
for example the E160, require USSD commands that are a multiple of 7
characters long to be padded with 0x0d.
Huawei Mobile Partner dashboard software for Windows encodes *141*0#
as "AA182DA6828D1A" which works on both the E1820 and the E160.

The attached patch pads the USSD command with 0x0d before encoding if
it is a multiple of 7 characters long.

Attachment: pdu_ussd_padding.diff
Description: Binary data

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