Re: networkmanager can not connect wired device automatically any more after using wrong 802.1X profile

On Mon, 2011-05-23 at 18:08 +0800, deanraccoon wrote:
> I got two profiles,one is normal eth0 profile , one is 802.1X profile.
> If I connected to a 802.1X port which is using a different
> username/passwd, not corresponding to my 802.1X profile.
> so, normal eth0 profile failed first
> ,then after 3 tries for 802.1X failed, the two profile are both invalid.
> In this case,NetworkManager's profiles are invalid . Even though I
> unplug the wire ,and re-plug a new wire, NetworkManager still
> can not make a automatically connection.
> I suggests that when I unplug the wire, NetworkManager could clear the
> tries or invalid tag. So  NetworkManager could always
>  try to  automatically connect.

Probably not a bad idea; Jirka do you want to take a look at this?  I'm
pretty sure that nm-policy.c already monitors carrier status for wired
devices so we could clear the invalid stuff there, perhaps.  It gets a
bit complicated because connections aren't per-device and the carrier
event is, but maybe in the near future we should keep a list of
connection uuids that are "invalid" on a per-device basis instead of
tagging the connection itself, and then use the NMDevice class'
get_best_auto() function to ignore those.


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