Re: Gateway and link-local (IPv4) possible?

On 2011-05-22 16:31, Marc Luethi wrote:
> Souns like a use case for a "shared to other computers" connection type
> in NM.
> This fires up a DHCP server on that interface and does Route/NAPT for
> the DCHP Clients. 
> This would solve the address assignmet, routing, and internet
> accessibility issues in one go..

This sounds like the perfect setup for the PC side. (In many
cases this would be an MS-Windows PC, though.) I wonder, what is
the complementary NM setup for the embedded devices side?

Is there a connection type in network manager, that first tries
DHCP (dhclient) and after timing out tries local link as second
option? (Not sure, but I believe MS-Windows does it that way.)


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